Lawyer Khaminwa Reveals How Gicheru Quietly Left For ICC

Lawyer Paul Gicheru’s lawyer John Khaminwa on Tuesday, November 3, how his client quietly left the country for The Hague, Netherlands, leaving no clue that he was to surrender to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In an interview with The Standard, Khaminwa revealed that he had no idea that lawyer Gicheru was planning to hand himself to the international criminal court.

The lawyer added that he was surprised after finding out about his client’s surrender from the media.

The senior lawyer further stated after he had surrendered, Gicheru did not even call to explain why he took the decision.

According Khaminwa, Gicheru had acquired court orders protecting him from being extradited to the ICC.

“I did not meet him at all. I obtained good orders for him, that he should not be extradited and that matter had ended and I am surprised. I am wondering why he surrendered. I was just surprised like everyone that he had gone to Amsterdam,” Dr Khaminwa told The Standard.

Lawyer John Khaminwa. Photo/Courtesy

He further added that he had called Gicheru’s wife who confirmed to him that the duo was doing fine.

“I have spoken to his wife in The Hague and they are fine. Paul Gicheru as I know him does not enjoy good health at all and I hope that authorities in Hague will not put him into custody. I know him as a client and he should continue to be free. I know they read your paper there,” Khaminwa added.

Yesterday, the president of the Pre-Trial Division Judge Tomoko Akane named judge Reine Adelaide Sophie Alapini-Gansou from Ivory Coast to hear the case.

Deputy President William Ruto during a past hearing at ICC. Photo/Courtesy

Gicheru surrendered to The Hague-based Court on Monday, November 2, five years after an arrest warrant was issued against him.

The lawyer, alongside another suspect Philip Kipkoech Bett, was accused of tampering with ICC witnesses in the case against Deputy President William Ruto.

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