Lodge that Sits on Stilts

An underground viewing tunnel at Salt Lick Safari Lodge

It is arguably the world’s most photographed game lodge and is located only a short distance from the revered First World War battlefields.

On a clear morning, Mt Kilimanjaro’s snowy peaks can be seen from the lodge. The Salt Lick Safari Lodge features a unique architectural design and style.

The entire property is built above ground, conforming to the traditional architecture of the Taita people who live the region.

The 96 oval rooms overlooking the waterhole are built on stilts and are an imaginative reproduction of the ancestral abodes.

Retired British engineer, John Corry Firth, 80, who now lives in Lincolnshire, England, is credited with coming up with the master-piece design that continues to marvel Kenya’s hospitality industry.

There is an underground tunnel at  Salt Lick Safari Lodge, which is a wonderful spot for viewing wild game such as elephants and buffaloes that come to drink from the water pan near the lodge.

The lodge is located within the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, adjacent to the Tsavo West National Park.

Salt Lick Safari Lodge location within Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary consists of 28,000 acres of semi-permeable terrain. This, in turn, forms part of the greater Tsavo Eco-system that covers about 40,000 square kilometres.

The sanctuary nestles in the lower zone of the surrounding Taita Hills that form part of the Eastern Arc Mountain ranges, which are recognized by the International Union for Nature Conservation and the Worldwide Fund for Nature as a conservation area of global significance.

Here, the overall game viewing experience is enhanced because the sanctuary lies within the wildlife migratory corridor that links Tsavo West and Tsavo East national parks.

Within the sanctuary is a large dam and smaller ponds where young crocodiles and different species of fish are raised.

Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary riparian forest ecosystems

“As part of nature conservation efforts, we are keen to make local communities and guests more aware of conservation matters through an elaborate tree-planting program within the sanctuary,” says Willie Mwadillo, General Manager of both the Salt Lick Safari Lodge and Taita Hills Safari Resort & Spa.

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