Long-term effects of coronavirus on your body

Coronavirus patients who are lucky to recover may have long term health complications, new findings have revealed.

According to new reports, the virus that negatively affects the breathing system will cause a number of problems in the body that include brain damage, lung damage and kidneys damage.

Other disturbing listed issues are a racing heartbeat, inability to smell, complications in concentration, aching joints and issues with breathing.

According to Prof Rodney Adam,  a medic who has been taking care of virus victims at Aga Khan hospital, the number of recoveries have issues with low exercise tolerance.

“That is always an indication of how well their lungs are doing, but they may not be back to normal for months,” Adam said as quoted by local blog

Kenya Updates
As of Tuesday, the Ministry of Health in Kenya had confirmed 27,425 total cases distributed across the country. Total death stands at 438 as recoveries recorded so far 13,867.

World Updates
Worldwide, the disease has infected 20, 207, 011. However, 12, 460,381 have recovered and in a sad note 739, 898 have lost their lives.
The United States tops with over 5 million confirmed cases followed by Brazil, India, Russia and South Africa respectively.

To stay safe, everyone is discouraged from visiting populated places, advised to wear the right protective mask, wash hands and keep a distance.

Since President Uhuru Kenyatta relaxed the measures, the positive numbers have since risen. On his next nation address, the head of state may be forced to issue tougher measures to help curb the spread of the virus.

Among measures expected to resume is the cessation of movement within more affected areas and more.

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