Maa Elders Snub Ledama, Install Ole Lenku as Community Spokesman

The Maasai council of elders on Thursday, November 5, installed Kajiado County Governor Joseph ole Lenku as the community’s spokesman.

In a rare coronation that took place at a resort near Gilgil, Maa elders led by the council chairman, John ole Maitai elders bestowed on the governor a traditional leadership baton (Orinka) and two traditional fly whisks (Orkwatiti).

The elders said the choice of the governor was reached after a four-year soul searching following the death of William Ole Ntimama in 2016.

The elders were drawn from Laikipia, Narok, Nakuru, Kajiado, Samburu and Baringo counties.

Mzee Maitai said the council has been traversing the Maa nation in search of Ntimama’s replacement before they settled on Lenku whom they say will ensure the community has one centre of power.

He added that Lenku’s full installation ceremony will be done on a later date after the country has flattened the Covid-19 curve.

“This was to let governor Lenku that, we the council members have settled on him to take over from where Ntimama left. We are happy for the work he is doing as our leaders. We have given him a full mandate to connect us with the government and to lead other elected leaders in popularizing the Building Bridges Initiative in Maa land,” said Maitai.

former Maasai Community Spokesman the late William Ole Ntimama. Photo/Courtesy

Accepting the new role, Governor Lenku said he was surprised at the turn of events as he had not thought the elders would bestow on him such responsibility.

He reiterated his commitment to unite the Maasai community, advocate for formal education and rally the community against retrogressive culture including FGM and early marriages.

“I am humbled beyond words by the faith and confidence that the Maa council of elders have in me. With the best of my knowledge, I will discharge the new mandate with humility, diligence and high spirit of justice for our people,” said Lenku.

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