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‘Madharau, Matusi, Vitisho, Blackmail Hapana’: DP Ruto War of Words with Raila over Hustlers and BBI

A charged up William Ruto has lashed out at ODM’s Raila Odinga calling him the ‘the lord of poverty and tribalism’ over the former prime minister’s utterance that he is the major stumbling block to fighting graft in the country.

On Saturday, September 26, a not so amused DP took to social media to pen a long and strongly worded post telling off Odinga over his push to amend the constitution through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Ruto demands respect from Raila
Ruto in Kajiado. Image/Courtesy

Ruto accused the ODM leader of being insincere with the push to amend the constitution to create more positions for a few elites at the expense of millions of ‘hustlers’.

“The lords of tribalism and poverty who are masters/beneficiaries of political violence are very mad at the unbowed hustler movement. Why? The hustlers have refused the tribe configuration and instead they want a conversation on their individual hustles which are tribeless. Tribe has been hijacked by tribal lords/chiefs to benefit themselves and their families to the detriment of Hustlers and their children. And enough is enough.” Reads part of Ruto’s statement.

The ‘Chief Hustler’ further went ahead to inform Odinga and his ilk that the hustler nation is chatting a different political path centred on development and devoid of tribal politics.

Ruto said his movement is not about power but about empowerment.

“Not about positions for the mighty but about jobs for the ordinary. Surely, that is not too much to ask! Is it?” he posed.

Saying enough is enough, the DP noted that the use of BBI to intimidate him has no space in Kenya today and will be thoroughly defeated.

“Threatening confrontation with anyone with an alternative/ contrary opinion. For good record threats, blackmail, intimidation and insults, which we have been treated to for the last two years is the language of tyrants, despots and dictatorships. Sorry but we are a democracy…” continued the DP.

Raila, on Friday, during an ODM National Executive Committee meeting at a Machakos took Ruto head-on and called him a “voice of impunity that thrives in corruption and outright lies”.

According to the ODM leader, those opposed to the BBI report are the same forces that have often opposed change in Kenya.

“The BBI report is around the corner. The forces that have always opposed change; the voices of impunity that thrive on corruption and outright lies, have already lined up against the report. We must stop them from dragging the country into anarchy,” said Raila.

Ruto and Raila war of words
ODM Leader Raila Odinga speaking to NEC members in a Machakos hotel. Image/Courtesy

Ruto’s reaction is likely to attract a barrage of reactions from pro-BBI top politicians including Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli who has in the past one week widely deconstructed the ‘Ruto hustler narrative’ as a non-starter since Ruto is a well know billionaire.

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