Man Leaves Court in Stitches After Confessing that Smoking Bhang Helps Him Understand BBI

A matatu conductor on Tuesday, January 12 left the court in stitches after confessing to drinking Blue Ice beer and smoking bhang to help him understand BBI and feels he is in a journey towards Canaan.

Wyclife Alloys Orinda, 27 also told the court that his love for beer and bhang makes him see older women as sexy.

Orinda made the confession before Milimani chief magistrate Martha Mutuku during the hearing of a case where he is accused of creating a disturbance in the Nairobi CBD.

“I was high when l approached my 45-year-old wife with whom we have two beautiful children,” he said.

He pleaded with the magistrate to free him so he can return to work between Westlands and Kibera so that he can continue taking care of his wife and children.

Orinda told the court that after smoking bhang he sees older women as if they are of his age.

“l am never violent. When l down Blue Ice and a puff of bhang l become very high and sexy. I see older women as if they are young women my age. I make them happy and they feel very nice in my hands,” he told the court.

The suspect further pleaded with the magistrate to direct his wife, Carolyne Wangui Kinyanjui, to allow him see his children aged 3 years and 9 months.

“I want to see my children and play with them,” Mr Orinda said.

He admitted that on January 11 at Revlon Plaza along Biashara Street, he created disturbance by insulting and threatening Mary Nyaguthi and pulling down a banner at her shop adding that he behaved in that manner because his wife had taken off with his children.

A court proceeding at Milimani Law Courts. Photo/Courtesy

“Last year Wangui and Nyaguthii accused me of creating disturbance and I was jailed. I served sentence at Industrial Area Prison remand. When I was free l did not find them at Eastleigh where we were residing. They had moved to Mwimuto,” he added.

But when asked if the court can trust him with the children when he is drunk, Orinda said that he loves his children and old wife and he can’t hurt them.

Mutuku called for a probation report for the accused to establish his character and ordered that he be remanded until on January 28, 2021 when the court shall issue a verdict.

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