Kitengela murder

Man Murders Wife Before Killing Himself by Slitting His Throat

A 35 year old man in Kitengela on Sunday, October 11, committed suicide moments after murdering his wife in cold blood. 

The deceased killer, Timothy Weru is said to have baited his wife who had separated for a couple of months into his house. 

The victim is Miriam Nyakaro, 23 years old. 

Grief struck neighbors at Kimarat Estate in Kitengela while recounting the sad events said the two were no longer living as husband and wife.

Their marital problems had persisted and prompted Nyakaro to separate from the husband with her two children. 

The woman worked as an Mpesa shop attendant in Kitengela. 

Neighbors who were present during the midday horrible events, recounted that moments after she arrived at the man’s single room, they heard the two quarreling. 

When the woman tried to escape, a nearly possessed Weru ran after her with a hammer and hit her head, before stabbing her severally as horrified neighbors watched helplessly. 

Nyakaro died moments later as the man threatened to kill the frightened onlookers. 

When the crowd grew larger, the killer escaped and moments later he committed suicide by slitting his throat. 


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