Mega Scope Sues Dennis Okari for his investigative piece Covid-19 Millionaires

Mega Scope Threatens to Sue Nation Media Group for Defamatory Covid-19 Millionaires Expose

Mega Scope Healthcare is demanding an apology from Nation Media Group for the defamatory investigative story by Dennis Okari which aired on Sunday, August 16.

The company, believed to be associated with the National Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Richard Ngatia through its lawyers Njoroge Regeru and Company, says that the investigative piece has destroyed the reputation of its client by terming the company as a dishonest and a corrupt entity.

Through a demand letter written to the Managing Editor, the company has distanced itself from the allegations aired by Dennis Okari, terming them as false and gravely damaging to the company’s image.

Mega Scope argues that it has never been contracted by KEMSA to clear any consignment as alleged by NTV nor ever received any Jack Ma kits nor funds.

The letter criticized the special projects reporter for failing to seek their side of the story and for relying on National Action Against Corruption Director

Network Action against Corruption (NAAC) Director Gordwins Agutu
Dennis Okari is accused of relying on information from Network Action against Corruption (NAAC) Director Gordwins Agutu. Image/Courtesy

Gordwins Agutu who is termed as a criminally untrustworthy source.

“The Programme aired and continued to air various allegations, insinuations and innuendos which were entirely false and which had no basis or foundation” reads part of the demand letter.

The letter further says that the investigative piece was “published and aired sensationally, maliciously and recklessly without any regard for the loss, damage and injury that would be occasioned to our client.”

Njoroge Regeru and Company acting on behalf of Mega Scope now wants a full and unconditional retraction to be aired by NTV in prime time for all the allegations made by Dennis Okari.

The company is further demanding for an unconditional apology to be aired by NTV in Prime Time News for what it terms as ‘highly damaging allegations, insinuations and innuendos’ against Mega Scope Healthcare.

The company further wants Nation Media Group to remove the investigative piece from all social media platforms such as Facebook ad YouTube, and wants the media house to desist from further publishing defamatory articles against Mega Scope.

The demand letter also wants the media house to admit liability for the slanderous and libellous investigation following which the healthcare company through its lawyers will sue for damages.

“Unless we receive your positive response to the demands by close of business Friday, August 21, we have firm instructions to institute the requisite legal proceedings against you.”

On Sunday August 16, NTV ran an investigative piece that widely mentioned Mega Scope Healthcare as one of the companies that allegedly contracted by KEMSA to clear covid-19 kits donated by Jack Ma.

The investigative piece alluded that there were records to show that kits were received the kits, but there was no public record of what happened thereafter.


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