Migori Speaker Claims Life In Danger Over Impending Impeachment Of Governor Obado

Migori County assembly speaker Boaz Okoth is afraid for his life.

According to the speaker who has been sick for close to a year, a group of youths made their way to his Ruby Court apartment on Friday night at 11pm.

The group was allegedly being led by ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna.

Sifuna was in the company of his brother, only identified as Peter.

The Friday night attack, Mr Okoth said, saw his bodyguard escape with injuries.

“When I went to the balcony they were ranting and I called my bodyguard. Upon arrival, he was attacked. We have the video clips and registration numbers of the vehicles used.

“One of the youths identified as Peter, a brother to Sifuna, told my bodyguard that they knew him and they were going to deal with him,” he said.

Luckily, he told reporters, he managed to escape through the back gate. He has since recorded a statement with the police.

“I managed to escape through the back gate and went to Kisumu Central police station to report over the threats and attack at midnight,” he said.

He also disclosed that Sifuna had rented an apartment in the same building.

“I am told he had booked the apartment on the ground floor where I stay. I am staying on the first floor,” he said.

A sickly Okoth wondered why the party resorted to intimidation and threats over the alleged impeachment of governor Okoth Obado.

“Why has the desperation gone too low to attack a sick man like me? I am only the speaker of the assembly,” he said.

Okoth who has been in and out of hospital over a leg injury maintained that the impending impeachment had nothing to do with him.

“I don’t know whether they are seeing me as someone who might not do what they want. I have nothing to do with that debate. I am only there to preside. The law is very clear,” he continued.

ODM resolved to impeach Obado after he alongside his four children were charged with graft.

They are linked to Sh73.4 million embezzlement of county funds.

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