Mistakes most young people make during their heydays

“I wish I knew” is a phrase so common with older people who had all the opportunities, and sometimes money while young, but in their present lives they cannot show you what they have done or traces of the wealth they had.

Some made the wrong investment plans while others squandered their wealth and opportunities, only to realise later that it was only once in a lifetime.

Here are some mistakes young people make only to regret later in life:-

1. They invest without research. Reading and hearing stories of people who have made millions of money investing in the stock market can make you tempted to give it a try. They do not know the prevailing conditions under which such people succeeded, or the tricks involved therein. As a young person, you need to do some research before investment. If you invest wrongly it means you will lose a lot more than what you put in.

2. Wanting instant gratification. They always want to enjoy themselves right now. They always want everything right now and that usually leads them to unnecessary shortcuts and unhappy future.

3. Lack of a saving culture. They spend their income anyhow without a sense of saving for emergency purposes. Most of them spent money on luxury.

4. Blind love. Most young people think that love alone is enough to sustain a relationship. Love is undoubtedly a key ingredient in making a relationship work however it is not sufficient. It is possible to be very much in love with someone yet the two of you are fundamentally incompatible. The best relationships are based not on romantic love alone but sharing values, dreams, and goals. This makes them spend so much money, energy and time trying to sustain a relationship that will never work. By the time they realize it will not work, it is too late.

5. Trying to please everyone. When you are starting out as a teenager in your career, it can seem natural to want t to be on friendly terms with the boss, clients, and all your school mates. It can be really disappointing when you find out that some of them simply don’t like you and you start bending to fit their expectations.

6. Blaming parents for their misfortunes. As a young person, your parent owes you nothing. Get out and fix your life because it is your life and you should take 100% responsibility. Failures and successes are yours as not for your parents

8. Spending on trivial things. Most of them like attending events, buying expensive clothes and watches among many others, despite having limited financial ability.

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