More Calls for Exam Postponement as India Surpases US for Highest Recorded Covid-19 Cases in a Single Day

On the week that students nationwide are to sit for their national exams, covid-19 cases continue to spike.

Ministry of Health statistics indicate that India recorded 78, 512 positive cases on Monday, August 31.

In the last 24 hours, the country also recorded 971 new deaths taking the toll to 65,440.

All these cases are happening on the backdrop of final preparations for students to sit for the joint national examination.

This happened even as India broke the world’s record for highest single-day increase with 78,761 confirmed cases. The record was set by the US on July 17, where 77, 299 cases were recorded.

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The health ministry attributes the surge in cases to the gradual lifting of restrictions by the government as it tries to boost a crumbling economy.

The main concern for health officials is now the sharp spike of cases in the rural areas.

Speaking to Reuters, Manoj Kumar, a cardiologist said: “It is the largest one-day surge in cases worldwide and the reason behind this; because the pandemic is spreading in the rural areas.”

And even as there is a growing concern for the federal government’s decision to ease

Major protests across Indian cities for exams to be called off
Major protests across Indian cities for exams to be called off. Image/AFP

restrictions, student’s protests country-wide is taking center stage.

Education Ministry officials say that the college entry exams for medical and engineering students will go on as planned, starting Tuesday, September 1.

The exams will run for six days ending on September 6.

An estimated 2.5 million students are slated to sit for the exam which has already been postponed twice due to covid-19 pandemic.

National Union of Students India (NSUI) has already staged a national protest urging the government to call off the exams until the pandemic is contained.

India Supreme Court already quashed an application to postpone the exams, saying that ‘life must go on and students cannot wait another year to sit for their tests.’


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