Gatundu South Mp Moses Kuria slams Daily Nation for spreading fake news

Moses Kuria Slams Daily Nation For Spreading Fake News

Gatundu South Mp Moses Kuria has moved to strongly condemn Daily Nation for spreading fake news over its Saturday headline.

Moses Kuria now says that headline is not a factual representation of events and discussions surrounding Mt. Kenya leaders’ meeting at Thika Greens Hotel on Friday where a raft of key issues affecting the region were deliberated on.

The meeting, as Kuria says, was the first of a series of meetings slated for the next few weeks aimed at chatting an economic path for the region after the senate failed to pass the much contentious one man one vote one shilling county revenue sharing bill.

Daily Nation’s headline reads ‘Its President or nothing, vows Mt. Kenya Group’

Moses Kuria slams fake news headline
Daily Nations Saturday controversial headline which has angered a section of Mt. Kenya leaders

Taking to his social media page Facebook early Saturday morning, outspoken the outspoken lawmaker questioned the motive behind the daily’s headline, and called its editors out for quoting individuals who were not even part of the meeting.

He says the daily’s headline is outright propaganda that is both sad and baffling as no succession politics were discussed.

“When Mt Kenya meets it’s followed by suspicion, misinformation, innuendo and propaganda. There was no politics- Absolutely None- at Thika Greens yesterday, let alone succession politics. Why the Daily Nation chose to run with Fake News as a Headline and even quote shadowy, expired characters who were not at the meeting is baffling” an angry Kuria said on facebook.

In light of the president giving the senators an additional 50 billion shillings as part of the negotiations to pass the bill, Mt. Kenya Mps and leaders convened a meeting to discuss the new revenue formula and how it affects the region in the near future.

Moses Kuria slams Daily Nation for spreading fake news
Moses Kuria with Mps allied to Dp William Ruto at a past function. Image/Courtesy

“In view of the passage of the 3rd generation formula for revenue sharing, yesterday we kicked off a series of meetings as MPs and leaders from Mt Kenya region to discuss the repositioning of our core counties with the additional resources that will ultimately come with the new formula. This was only the first of such meetings that will take place in the next few weeks” Kuria said.

Kuria’s sentiments were echoed by former State House Director of Digital Strategy Dennis Itumbi.

Itumbi says that during the meeting in which only 30 Mps and not 57 as reported by the daily were present, no 2022 succession politics were discussed.

There is worry within some circles in Mt. Kenya that some individuals are crafting a narrative to try and dictate how the region will vote in 2022 presidential elections.

Kuria and Itumbi slam Nation for spreading fake news
Part of the Nation’s story on the Mt. Kenya leaders’ meeting and Thika Greens attended by Kuria.

With 2022 presidential elections less than two years away, and Uhuru retiring, Mt. Kenya region are at crossroads on whether to field a candidate or opt to deputize the next president to take over from Uhuru.

DP William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga are current front runners for the top seat.

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