Aisha Jumwa

MP Aisha Jumwa to be Charged with Murder

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji has approved murder charge against Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa.

The rebel ODM MP is being linked to the killing of a man during the Ganda Ward by-election in 2019.

The man was shot dead in a scuffle that ensued between rival ODM party supporters in Ganda Ward in Malindi, Kilifi County, in October last year.

Aisha will reportedly undergo a mental assessment on Wednesday next week before being charged in court.

In October 2019, Jumwa reportedly stormed a meeting of ODM agents at a house belonging to Reuben Katana, the ODM candidate and eventual who later won the by-election and demanded to know why such a meeting would be held at night after the campaign period had lapsed.

MP Aisha Jumwa during a court hearing. Photo/Courtesy

However, ODM officials present at the meeting vowed to go on with the event saying that it was meant for agents’ training leading to a disagreement between the two rival parties.

MP Jumwa would be arrested at her home in Kakuyuni, Malindi, over the incident before later being released.

The lawmaker defended herself while pointing her finger towards ODM Party whom she claimed had played a role in the death of the agent.

“When I arrived at the event, I met a guy called Agunga who claimed that I would not interfere with the event as the police were around. I don’t know what the police were doing in the area. I believe ODM had a sinister motive as the campaign period was over. ODM should be held responsible for the death of the deceased. I would like to urge my followers to be calm and remain in their houses.

“We don’t know how the deceased died or who killed him. Reports claim that it was my bodyguard, the police or anonymous people like the ODM agent. We want justice for the Ganda residents,” she stated at a conference.

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