MP Breaks Down in Tears In Parliament As Doctors Narrate Their Suffering

Seme Member of Parliament James Nyikal on Wednesday, November 18 broke down in tears as he narrates medical worker’s struggles during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Nyikal cried hysterically and could not hold back their tears as he narrated how the government has neglected health care workers during this period when Covid-19 is ravaging the county.

The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) officials in their submission to the National Assembly’s Health Committee on Wednesday morning narrated how they put their life on line and the harrowing experience they undergo while attending to Covid-19 patients.

KMPDU Secretary-General Chibanzi Mwachonda stated that the medics have not been provided with insurance and have not been paid allowances as promised by the government.

The Seme MP while reacting to KMPDU submission expressed his anger to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration stating that it unacceptable for the government to abandon doctors at this time that they are needed most.

Medical staff dressed in protective suits treat coronavirus disease patients at the COVID-19 ICU. Photo/Courtesy

He echoed KMPDU’s demands adding that doctors must be paid risk, extraneous and other allowances to cushion them against the risks they take.

” A lot of the problems doctors are facing are systematic. Everybody is saying that you have to be patriotic, you must be human. Who said patriotism is suicide?” Nyikal said as he broke down.

Nyikal who was the Permanent Secretary (PS) and as a Director of Medical Services in former President Mwai Kibaki’s administration defended governors noting that it’s the national government who have failed the doctors.

“I have not worked as aggressively as I would have because I know we have agreed we are going to have a devolved system of government and I know that a person who is running an institution will feel disenfranchised if the people that he is working with are being employed, promoted and disciplined by somebody else. That is the reality and the governors are not wrong to be reluctant,” he continued noting that the government had failed to properly implement the constitution

Even as the country continue to witnesses a surge in Covid-19 cases, the doctors’ union vowed down their tools in 21 days if the government will not resolve their issues.

The doctors threatened to go on strike after following an increase of the deaths of four doctors last week in a period of 24-hours.

They have accused the government of neglecting stating that the working conditions are poor with a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) used to protect the healthcare workers from contracting COVID-19.

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