MP Cate Waruguru Reacts After ‘Stripping Naked’ Remark Goes Viral

Days after allegedly threatening to march to the Deputy President William Ruto’s residence and strip naked should Ruto not apologize to Uhuru Kenyatta’s family, Laikipia Woman Rep Cate Waruguru has come out to weigh in on the claims.

Taking to her Facebook page, the once Ruto allied MP disowned the reports terming them fake news which were aimed at tainting her image.

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She said stripping naked was a past time event which had no space in the current civilized world.

The woman rep accused her political nemesis of propagating fake news against her saying she will not be bothered much by the claims since it was not the first time women are associated with stripping naked remarks nor was it going to be the last.

Like bushfire, fake news spread. “Strip naked” is past in these times, back in the ninties when our mothers including Wangari Maathai were fighting against the oppression from Mount Kenya.

I have seen this fake strip thing kind of bullying from the people you disagree with politically happening. Its not the first time to associate women leaders with this stripping thing, nor will it be the last. All in all , this won’t stop women from speaking their mind.But since you have been waiting for the whole day ………who am I not to oblige to your wish!!!!,” read Waruguru’s statement on Facebook.

Her remarks came just hours after Kandara MP Alice Wahome reminded Waruguru that they were still waiting for her to strip naked following her remarks.

Through her Facebook page, Wahome questioned why a woman like Cate Waruguru should threaten to strip naked and expose her private parts to the public just because of politics.

But as a woman why should you threaten to strip/ show the public the same parts you are terming sacred? The entire nation is eagerly waiting,” Ms Wahomes said

Reports  had earlier indicated that Ms Waruguru had threatened to take off all her clothes in public should Deputy President William Ruto not apologize to the Kenyatta family on behalf of Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi and Johana Ng’eno.

It was alleged that the MP made the remarks, saying she was ready to lead a section of her fellow women on a match to Ruto’s residence to demand an apology.

The source of the ‘strip naked’ remark however still remains anonymous as the MP stands to her ground insisting such were fake news.


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