MPs Embroiled in Heated Exchange Over Uhuru, Ruto Donations in Murang’a

The political differences between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto played out in the open after MPs allied to the two nearly clashed after they met at a home of a family that lost five members to an accident in Murang’a.

The altercation started after MPs allied to DP William Ruto’s camp led by Kandara MP Alice Wahome and Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro arrived in Kangema Constituency at the home of the bereaved family where fundraising in aid of burial preparations was being conducted.

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro during at Nyakihura village in Kangema, Murang’a on September 16. Photo/Courtesy

The area MP Muturi Kigano, who had just handed over President Uhuru’s 1 million donations, seemingly became agitated after the two MPs arrived with Deputy President William Ruto’s Ksh 300,000 donation to the family.

According to the MP who is allied to Uhuru’s Kieleweke faction, President Uhuru did not need any extra help in facilitating the burial arrangements of the five.

The MP stated that President Kenyatta had summoned him to State House on Wednesday morning over the matter and that he had committed to fully support the family in burial preparations.

While reminding the two legislators to always notify him while visiting his constituency, Kigano noted that the family will, however, not reject their help since they needed it.

“The president sent his condolences to the family and promised to stand with them during this time…I don’t think the president needed any help in facilitating the burial arrangements…we will however not reject any help accorded to the family but next time you visit my constituency, kindly alert me,” he said.

He however warned Ndindi and Wahome against talking politics at the function, rather restrict themselves to comforting the family.

The¬† MP said he did not want similar scenarios that transpired in 2019 when Ndindi and a host of Kieleweke MPs led by Maina Kamanda clashed in a church at Gitui Catholic Church in Kiharu Constituency leading to Nyoro’s arrest.

But when MP Alice Wahome stood to speak, she accused Kigano of double-speaking, saying she had tried to reach out to the MP but was informed by his staff that he was in a meeting.

Upon informing the DP of the tragedy that had befallen the family, Wahome said the DP offered his full support for the family.

She lamented saying there was freedom of expression hence no need of being restricted by the area MP on what he was going to say.

But as she gave her speech, Kigano stood and nudged her to conclude but Wahome rebuffed him, informing the Kangema MP that she deserved more time given she more experienced politically.

“When such things happen its always good to come together and stand with the family. Nobody is justified to direct us on what we should say or not since there is freedom of expression as enabled by democracy,” communicated Wahome.

The five family members had travelled to Machakos to visit their in-laws but their journey back was cut short at Kwangolia area on Wote-Machakos road after they were involved in a road accident.

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