Mt Kenya youth react after Murathe endorsed Raila for President in 2022

Days after Jubilee Party Vice Chairman David Murathe offered his support for Raila Odinga to be president in 2022, a section of youth leaders from the vote rich Mt Kenya have denounced him, saying that he does not speak for them.

The youth led by their Chairman Moses Mwenda said that they will not be convinced otherwise, arguing that they will support Deputy President William Ruto for President come 2022.

The youth accused the Jubilee Party Vice Chairman of using his position to make personal decisions that negatively impact Mt Kenya region. 

Mount Kenya Youth Alliance chairman Moses Mwenda.

“We want to distance, disassociate and denounce that endorsement made by Murathe. As Mt Kenya Youth Alliance we are firmly behind the presidential aspiration of Deputy President William Ruto and nobody should purport to have the monopoly of dishing endorsements to other entities unknown to us,” posed Mwenda. 

Over the weekend, the Ruto critic said that it was time Kenyans rewarded Raila for his fight for a better democratic space in Kenya. 

“Raila Odinga should be given a chance as a transitional President between 2022-2027. He will nature the young leaders so that they take over in 2027, it’s a Mandela moment and we need to reward him, I vote for him if he runs” said David Murathe.

But in their rejoinder today, the youths have told him off as driving a personal agenda aimed at fulfilling personal interests. 

They continue to argue that moving forward they will only support someone who values the youth and will champion for their interests. 

 “As young people and hustlers of this country we are not interested in the perpetuation of power among the oligarchy and we will not support such an arrangement. Our candidate is William Ruto because he represents our aspirations and dreams. “You have heard all the false things they have said about Ruto just to taint his image and make him look bad before the public. It won’t change a thing, and we are ready to face them in 2022,” he added.

The Mt Kenya Youth Chairman was flanked by his fellow youth leaders Godfrey Maina and Dennis Nthumbi. 

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