Murkomen, Gov. Kibwana Decries Secret Drones Hovering Over Their Homes

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana have raised concerns over unanimous persons flying secret drones over their respective homes in Nairobi.

Taking to his Twitter account on Wednesday afternoon, Murkomen claimed some people had been sending secret drones to monitor his home without his knowledge.

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The Ruto allied senator, however, made a passionate appeal to the operators of the said drones, saying they should ensure they share the beautiful aerial photos of his home to the public.

At the same time, Murkomen, who has been so vocal against approval of the BBI document without amendments, advised the operators to go straight to his home using the main gate and enjoy a cup of tea instead of using malicious means to monitor him

“To the person who has been sending drones to hover over my house I have two requests. 1. Please share the beautiful aerial photos. 2. Come home through the main gate for a cup of tea but make sure you carry your mask. Thank you and God bless,” read Murkomen’s tweet.

Murkomen is not the only person who is currently complaining of malicious surveillance and tracking from the state.

Makueni Senator Kivutha Kibwana has also publicly come out to decry close surveillance by the State, saying that drones had been sent to hover over his official residence in Nairobi.

Kibwana, who is one of the governors who have come out to publicly declare their reservations on the BBI report should it fail to undergo amendments, claimed that electronic gadgets in his house have also been compromised by the intelligence.

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The second term governor, who has indirectly expressed his readiness to form a coalition with Deputy President William Ruto ahead of the 2022 elections, affirmed that he will not be intimidated by the authorities over his stand on the BBI.

“@UtumishiKwaWote I am under close state surveillance. Drones hover over my official residence. Electronic gadgets in the house are compromised. As it was during Moi and NCEC, so it is now. I have repeatedly made this public and reported to authorities. I will not be intimidated,” read Kibwana’s tweet on Wednesday.

He added that if Jubilee and ODM are not going to engage all the leaders and make necessary amendments to the report, then he was going to join other Kenyans in rejecting the ‘Handshake Constitution’

“If the JUBILEE-ODM govt. does not facilitate a genuine national conversation on the proposed BBI law changes, I WILL BE ONE AMONG MILLIONS OF KENYANS who oppose Handshake Constitution. Constitution 2010 must be saved and implemented fully,” he added

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