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Musingu Boys Dormitory On Fire Two Days After Schools Reopened

A fire has razed property of unknown value at Musingu Boys School in Kakamega county.

The 10 am inferno happened at the Oparanya Hostel which according to reports houses at least 350 students.

At the time of the incident, students who only resumed learning three days ago, were in their classes. It is said that 80 per cent of the building was ravaged by the fire.

While it might not be clear what caused the fire, reports indicate that it could have been caused by an electric fault.

A worker at the school who was first on scene said the fire fighters responded almost immediately but the engines did not have water.

He also told reporters that they only salvaged property on the ground floor of the building.

In November 2019, the same dormitory was ravaged by fire over what was claimed to have been an electric fault.

Principal Benson Lukuyi said a welding machine that was being used to repair windows at the dormitory exploded.

“Madaraka Taifa dormitory was housing books, lockers, mattresses and other students’ personal effects,” he said.

The dormitory had in September 2019 caught fire.


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