Wiper Democratic Movement Leader Kalonzo Musyoka consults with former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama when they attended the burial ceremony of the Late Samuel Mutuku Mulu at Kyamatula Village, Mwala.

Musyoka and Muthama in a Bitter Feud of Words in a Machakos Burial

The bitter fallout between Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka and former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama was publicly displayed when the two openly exchanged bitter words.

Kalonzo, who has in the recent past declared that his name will be on the ballot come 2022, told off Muthama for pushing the former Vice President to be William Ruto’s running mate.

Muthama recently ditched Wiper Party and said that he would campaign for DP Ruto because he had what it takes to win the presidency and fight for the common mwananchi.

However, the two politicians had not publicly met since Muthama announced his resignation from the Akamba party.

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Addressing mourners at the burial of the son to late veteran politician Mulu Mutisya, Muthama said that it was time the Kamba community supported DP for presidency in 2022.

The fierce former legislator insisted that Musyoka did not have the wherewithal to run for presidency on his own and win and needed to form a joint team with DP Ruto.

“We cannot continue working with people who have betrayed us in the past!” Muthama argued before he

Former Machakos Senator Johnston Muthama who ditched Wiper Movement speaking to the press
Former Machakos Senator Johnston Muthama. Image/Courtesy

welcomed his former party leader to make his address.

Bitter Fallout

Musyoka who was visibly angered by Muthama’s remarks gave a quick response, accusing him of misleading him two times while he was still an active member of his party.

“I will not allow you to mislead me a third time because you have failed me twice. I will be my own negotiator in national politics. So, take a message to DP Ruto that we’ll face off in the ballot,” Musyoka said.

Kalonzo said that he is going it all the way in 2022 and will not need the likes of Muthama to mislead him again.

“I am not ready to be Ruto’s running mate. Go tell him that I will be on the ballot come 2022,” said Kalonzo.

Posing a tough question to Muthama the Wiper leader quipped: “Muthama, with your two senses, you think Kalonzo with his experience and respect all over the world can be Ruto’s deputy?”

In 2013 and 2017, Kalonzo got into a coalition agreement with ODM Party leader Raila Odinga in an effort to defeat President Uhuru Kenyatta.



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