Mutahi Kagwe tells Kenyans its not his job to fight corruption

Mutahi Kagwe: It is Not my Job to Fight Corruption in the Health Ministry

Health Cabinet Mutahi Kagwe has angered Kenyans with his tone deaf comments on the state of corruption in the health ministry even as many question his ability to fight the vice.

During an interview with KTN News on Sunday, September 6, the CS said that it was not his duty to fight corruption cartels, and that his main job was to see to it that Kenyans received quality medical services.

He further asked Kenyans to understand the difference of his cabinet roles and the calls for him to crack the whip on corruption in his ministry.

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His comments which have come under fire from a section of Kenyans come at a time when EACC is carrying out investigations into the alleged loss of billions of shillings at KEMSA.

“It is one thing to eliminate corruption, and quite another to ensure the system is moving efficiently. It is not enough to fight corruption. My job is not to fight corruption, my job is to provide healthcare,” he asserted.

A section of Kenyans on twitter have been perturbed by Kagwe’s tone deaf comments and sluggish attitude on corruption allegations bedeviling his docket.

The angry Kenyans questioned the CS’s ability to help the president root out corruption in the Ministry flooded with cartels threatening the future of healthcare in the country.

“Then Uhuru should be fighting the war against corruption alone which is not gone to last. It is very unfortunate that a whole minister is claiming that his work is not to fight corruption. Shame on him.” Billowabdi Hassan said on twitter.

One twitter user Aibnatu was bewildered by the sheer arrogance of the CS when questioned about the tendering scandals at KEMSA.

“Wow! Such arrogance! So, if corruption is going on in the ministry or if he himself is being corrupt, that’s someone else’s headache as long as the CS appears to be providing health care. In the CS’s mind he seems to think his work is announcing arbitrary Covid-19 numbers.”

Others said that it was time Mutahi Kagwe resigned from his post if he believes that it is not his business to fight corruption in his Ministry.

“Just resign, but wait, before you do, please listen to what you said. Listen 100 times maybe you could retract that statement. Sad if Kenyans expect the vice disappear in a twinkle of an eye with this kind of leadership,” lamented Datundo Atundo.

The CS was at pains explaining how the rot at Afya House was deeper than he had imagined when he took over the reign in March.



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