Muthangari Police Station OCS Embroiled in a Vicious Child Custody Battle Involving Country Manager DHL

Muthangari Police Station OCS David Lubaha was ordered on Thursday 26th November 2020 by Chief Magistrate M. A Otindo to appear in court to explain why he was unable to assist in effecting a court order granting custody to one Faith Waitari.

Ms Waitari is the ex wife of DHL country manager Andrew Mutuma who is now the husband of former NTV news host Liz Ntonjira.

The same court also ordered for the father of the child to bring the child to court or face arrest without further notice to him.

The new development follows allegations that Mutuma has been using the OCS to frustrate the mother of the child after she was granted custody by the court.

On various times between 16th and 17th November 2020, the mother went for assistance from Muthangari Police station and was provided three police officers.

The child’s mother narrates sadly how moments before they left the police station Mutuma drove in and went in for a meeting with the deputy OCS.

Moments later, the mother was informed that the court order given had been withdrawn, prompting the mother again to seek for justice after the police were unable to effect the court order.

“On Tuesday 17th November I went to Muthangari Police station again to seek assistance and was given different police officers. They drove to the father’s home as the mother waited patiently outside the gate. After an hour they emerged yet again with Mutuma and without the child sighting challenges since Mutuma is a firearm holder. They seemed afraid of provoking him.” the child’s mother narrated.

The court case has been dragging on for the past 10 years with Mutuma seeking full custody of the minor since 2017.

The court on 3rd April 2018 granted the child’s mother primary care and has been living with the minor since. The father was granted visitation every other weekend. The vicious battle for the minor began in June 2019 when Mutuma took custody of the minor and stayed with her for 2 weeks upon which he was compelled by the court to bring the minor to court or face arrest.

Speaking to the Kenyan Herald, the mother narrated how her daughter texted her that she wanted to leave her dad’s home.

“She communicated to me on the night of 11th August 2020 via text that she had had the worst night because her father and step mother had a physical fight and that she wanted to see her mother.” the mother said.

The prolonged stay at father’s home prompted the mother to on 13th November to go to the children’s court to seek intervention to have the child returned to her.

By the time of going to press, Mutuma had not replied to our text nor returned our calls.

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