Mutula Kilonzo Brushes Off Bribery Allegations Over Revenue Allocation Debate

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo has brushed off sentiments that he was bribed to bring down the county revenue allocation formula that is fronted by the government through Senator Charles Kibiru of Kirinyaga.

Speaking during an interview at Inooro FM, the youthful politician said that his county was already losing Sh432 million, sufficient to silence him if given back.

“That is laughable. My county is already losing Ksh432 million so any attempt to drag my name to bribery is futile. If anything, I would be settled if the millions from Makueni would be returned.” Mutula said.
Mutula who is also a member of the 12 member committee that was entrusted with the best recommendations to reconcile the varied divisions has continued in the condemnation of the witch-hunt of the members of team Kenya.

He has said the allegations that were given against the three senators were jumbled up to intimidate them.
“Senators Cleophas Malala, Stephen Lelegwe and Christopher Lagat were arrested for fixed cases in order to influence the vote in the senate. It is was shocking to see the delegations from the said regions were ready to vote; sadly for them, we had ensured the senators who were arrested had written to the speaker where they said that they had not allowed their delegations to vote.”

The revenue allocation debate has gone to the senate for a record of nine times unsuccessfully.

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