Mzee Kibor

Mzee Kibor Reconciles with Wives, to Share Wealth to his Children

After years of family battles of his wealth, octogenarian celebrity businessman Jackson Kibor has finally reconciled with his wives and children.

The veteran politician and prominent farmer while speaking to the star, acknowledged that he has had a rough past and is looking forward to a peaceful old age.

He told the star that his children should exercise patience since he is planning on sharing it among them at his own chosen time.

Mzee Kibor forgives wives, children
Mzee Jackson Kibor attending Mens Conference in Eldoret. Image/Facebook

“I will only give them wealth as I wish,” he said.

His millions and vast tracts of land and property has been the centre of a highly publicised battle with his wives and children, often hitting the headlines.

In a recent television interview with NTV, the 86-year old Kibor looked energetic and least fragile as he narrated how he keeps healthy by exercising and an occasional beer.

In 2018, he married a woman twice half his age and getting a divorce.

He further said that he has no regrets over the way he handled his wrangles with his ex-wife of 52 years after she took her to court seeking divorce.

Mzee Kibor
Mzee Kibor says he has made peace with his children and ready for death. Image/Facebook

Early this year, Kibor accused his ex-wife of colluding with his sons to forcefully sharing his land.

During the court proceedings, he asked the court to allow him carry out a DNA test since he was not sure the children were his.

He later changed his mind and now says that he forgiving his family members and that when he dies, his wealth will remain behind.

But he said not all his children will get equal share arguing: “Those who have mistreated and disrespected me will get less while those who recognise me as their father and owner of the property have to get more. Some will get as little as two acres while others will get as many as 200 acres,”


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