Nairobi Businessman Sandeep Desai’s Nude Pictures Wreck KPA Board Member’s Marriage, Lands Him In Court

A Nairobi-based businessman, Sandeep Ranjkant Desai, has been taken to court for sending nudes to the wife of a Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) Board member Conrad Thorpe, Ms Linda Conrad.

According to court submissions, Mr Desai sent nude photos through email to Ms Linda, his former lover, on July 5, 2020, in a bid to woo her back against Section 37 of the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act of 2018.

Mr Desai is also said to have shared nudes with Ms Linda’s friends who have recorded statements with the police over the same.

Sandeep Ranjkant Desai

He was arrested and his electronic communication devices confiscated by Directorate of Criminal Investigations cybercrime unit for analysis after Ms Linda reported the incidence on July 15.

Mr Desai was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Abdul Lorot of the Kibera Law Courts where he denied the charges and freed on a Ksh30,000 cash bail

Ms Linda’s husband, Mr Conrad Thorpe is associated with Salama Fikira, a company that has severally been linked to pirates in the horn of Africa.

Sources intimate that Mr Conrad Thorpe and Ms Linda are no longer living together since the case surfaced and gained media attention. Again, Thorpe is said to be highly embarrassed and ashamed that his wife had an affair over many years with Desai, who he describes as “That Asian who stole my wife”. In the Tsavo Trust where he serves as a board member, it is indicated that he is married with children, but no names are mentioned.

In 2011, six persons linked to Thorpe’s Salama Fikira were arrested and jailed in Somalia for smuggling more than £2 million (Ksh200 million) into Somalia to secure the release of two hijacked ships.

Matthew Brown, Andrew Oaks, Alex James all from the United Kingdom, two Kenyans and an American were arrested after landing in two unmarked planes at Mogadishu airport in May 2011.

Reporting the incident at that time, the Independent, a UK publication, termed Mr Thorpe and his counterpart Rob Andrew as former British Army officers.

Conrad Thorpe in a board meeting at KPA. Image courtesy

Despite being operated in Kenya, Thorpe’s company Salama Fikira is registered in Mauritius, one of the biggest tax havens in the world. Sources close to the company intimated to Kenyan Herald that the company has been evading taxes.

Our source terms Thorpe, 63, as a “mercenary” involved in several hijack and ransom cases in Somalia amounting to billions of shillings. The company is said to have presence in Kenya, Tanzania and Mauritius.

According to information of Salama Fikira website, Thorpe was born in Kenya and schooled at the St Mary’s School Nairobi before becoming a British Soldier.  He has three nationalities, British, Kenyan and Maltese.

He worked in Iraq with Blackwater Security Consulting which changed its name to Academi, a private security company credited with shooting and killing 17 Iraqi nationals on September 16, 2007.

Despite having a questionable background and nationality, Thorpe is serving in the KPA board at a time when the body is marred with several allegations of corruption have seen the managing director Daniel Manduku pushed out.

A leaked image of , Sandeep Ranjkant Desai and Ms Linda Conrad

In August, Manduku was charged with the loss of Ksh244.8 million at the parastatal, money said to have been paid despite the fact that work was never completed.

The offenses are said to have been committed in 2018 and 2019 with Thorpes sitting in the board at the KPA headquarters in Mombasa.

The board is the supreme body that makes major decisions, and the said theft was committed when Thorpe served at the board.

Many independent pundits and critical observers are have pointed out the fact that Manduku might have been sacrificed by the board that is charged with the responsibilities of running the Kenya Ports Authority.

At one time, Thorpe was involved in a confrontation with Manduku over the privatization of Mombasa Port, a matter which has dominated the headlines recently.

In a letter to Manduku, Thorpe who seemed to be pushing out Manduku, castigated him for the woes facing the company.

“The Authority of which you are an MD is a mess. Our reputation is laughable and the city of Mombasa and more widely the shipping stakeholders around the world are shamed by us,” wrote Thorpe.

Thorpe, a resident of Karen is utterly upset with the current revelations and the court case and has been avoiding public appearance and engagements due to the embarrassment occasioned by the court matter and the fact that his businesses are currently not doing well.

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