Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Impeached


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been impeached.

In a vote conducted on Thursday, December 3, 88 out of 122 MCAs voted in support of Sonko’s ouster from office.

Two MCAs have voted against the motion.

At least 82 MCAs were required to support the motion for it to achieve the required two thirds threshold.

Sonko was impeached over allegations of gross misconduct, abuse of office and lack of capability to run county affairs.

The governor has however contested the numbers insisting that those supporting the motion did not meet the required number of 82 votes.

In a series of tweets shortly after his impeachment, Sonko claimed that 70 MCAs had recorded statements claiming that they were impersonated by rogue Assembly officials.

“Numbers don’t lie see for yourself.1-57 Niko nao. As we continue with efforts to defeat the impeachment motion at the County Assembly, it’s unfortunate that those behind the scheme to bring me down have resorted to intimidation and dirty tricks to achieve their selfish interests.”

“This morning over 70 Nairobi City County Assembly MCAs have filed a complaint with police on impersonation of their emails by rogue Assembly officials who want to interfere with online voting of the impeachment motion which is set for debate this afternoon.,” stated the governor.

The speaker of the county assembly will submit the resolution to the senate within seven days.

The Senate will then vote to either uphold the impeachment charges or acquit him.

MCAs proceeded to impeach the governor despite a court order issued by Justice Nzioka wa Makau on Tuesday, December 1 suspending the motion pending hearing and determination of a case filed by the governor.

In a game to derail his ouster process, Sonko employed a divide and rule tactic by taking MCAs allied to him for a vacation in Mombasa to deny his opponents the two thirds majority required to kick him out of City Hall.

The MCAs allied to Sonko insist that they are more than 60, daring their opponents to bring on the impeachment.

Sonko allied MCAs have insisted that the governor is the victim of a witch-hunt over his refusal to release funds to the Nairobi Metropolitan Services which they say is operating unconstitutionally.

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