Police fail to arrest Sudi after overnight standoff with his supporters

Night of Drama as Youths Block Police from Arresting Oscar Sudi

The furore that followed heated political storm after Kapseret Mp Oscar Sudi and Emurua Dikirr Mp Johanna Ng’eno made inflammatory remarks against the head of state and his mother has taken another twist after a heavily armed contingent of police officers camped at Sudi’s Kapseret home in a bid to arrest him.

The overnight drama began on Friday evening as officers forced their way into the lawmaker’s compound sparking outrage among his supporters.

With Sudi locked up in an unidentified room at his vast posh compound, he used his social media pages to offer real time updates of the developments at his home.

Oscar Sudi's lawyer Glady's Shollei pictured at the lawmaker's compound on Saturday morning
Oscar Sudi’s lawyer Glady’s Shollei pictured at the lawmaker’s compound on Saturday morning. Image/Twitter

“Police Officers have now surrounded my entire compound in Kapseret,” Sudi posted.

His youthful supporters quickly mobilized and made their way to Kapseret where they blocked the road leading to his home using stones, logs and three tractors making it even harder for police officers to make their way out of the Mp’s home.

The arrest follows his hard stance since he made his remarks earlier on Monday, and yesterday in a public rally at Silverline, Sudi stood his ground that he was not going to apologize for any reason.

With his slur against Mama Ngina causing a public outcry especially at President Uhuru’s backyard, his emboldened approach to the current political debacle may have forced the government’s hand to arrest and charge him.

Reacting to Sudi’s impending arrest, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen pointed the government of harboring malice in his arrest, and that he would defend the under siege lawmaker for his utterances.

“Oscar Sudi was in Eldoret town today addressing the public, if you wanted to arrest him, you should have done it then to be availed before court & processed. Going for him on a Friday night affirms the malice. You may disapprove of what Sudi said but we must defend his right to say it” Murkomen wrote on twitter.

His lawyer who is also the Woman Rep Uasin Gishu County Gladys Shollei while speaking to the press, echoed Kipchumba Murkomen’s sentiments saying that she was surprised the government chose to arrest him at night and causing unnecessary panic within the area.

Shollei said that Sudi like any other person had a right to be told the reasons for his arrest.

“I am sad to announce that the Constitution Kenyans fought for is dead. Right now there are three truckloads of police at Kapseret center and others surrounding Hon. Sudi’s homestead at Kapseret in Uasin Gishu County. Why arrest him now at night. He was available in broad daylight earlier today,” said Shollei.

Sudi at Silverline on Friday
Sudi told the Silverline meeting that he will not apologize to the president over his remarks. Image/Twitter

While addressing his supporters the Kapseret legislator warned the police against being used by politicians to disrupt meetings.

“Everybody has the right to express him or herself as long as it’s according to the law, I want to tell police not to allow themselves to be used by politicians to through teargas to innocent Kenyans,” said the Kapseret legislator.

“I also want to call upon the DPP to arrest those who stole the COVID-19 funds if they are serious in the fight against corruption. How can someone steal money meant for the sick? Oscar Sudi wondered.

Sudi also said that he will not apologize to the Kenyatta family unless they tell him what his mistake was and also called upon the opposition leader Raila Odinga to apologize to the Kenyatta family for calling him all sorts of name.

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