No Bra Day: Senator Millicent Omanga Sets Social Media Ablaze as She Joins in the Celebrations Bra-less

The #NoBraDay is currently among the top trending hashtags on twitter as women are encouraged to leave their homes with “No Bra” today.

The No Bra Day is an annual celebration scheduled for every October 13 as women are encouraged to post pictures of themselves with no bra on social media platforms using the #NoBraDay.

The month of October is one of the special and important months because it is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month when organisations with breast-related missions lead campaigns and events to promote a cause.

The real message behind the hashtag is to honor women who are battling breast cancer.

The first celebration of #NoBraDay was traced to October 19, 2011, as a medical event named BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) Day.

Nominated senator Milicent Omanga has joined in the celebrations has left netizens wowed.

Taking to twitter, she posted pictures of herself without a bra captioned: “Today is NO BRA DAY, leading by example, I want to encourage my fellow ladies to forgo wearing a bra to encourage Breast cancer awareness and show support to survivors.”

While ladies have commended the senator for joining in the celebration, men on the other side have taken her actions out of context.

Many ladies have been quick to tell of the men saying that NoBraDay is not for men’s gratification; rather it is a moment of reflection on the day of breast awareness.

October is the month to create awareness against breast cancer and to also sympathize and connect with those who have been affected with breast cancer.

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