Obado Impeachment Is Still On – ODM Declares As Motion Flops Again

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leaders have waged war against Migori governor Okoth Obado.

A motion to impeach the governor has flopped at least three times even after the party called on Members of the county assembly to send him packing.

The impending ouster has seen the party resort to intimidation tactics especially against Assembly speaker Boaz Okoth.

Okoth has claimed that his life is in danger thanks to Obado’s impeachment.

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The motion which was supposed to be tabled on Thursday failed to take off, again but only due to “technicalities”, minority leader in the National Assembly John Mbadi told a local daily.

“The reason as to why we have the delay is simple; it is a legal process which our lawyer is looking at,” he said.

Obado Impeachment
John Mbadi and ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna. [Courtesy]
“There are details that he must include and that will take a little more time.”

He denied rumours that the party ran into challenges hence the delay in moving forward with the ouster bid.

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Obado Impeachment
Migori governor Okoth Obado in court with his children in Sh73.4 million graft case. [Courtesy]
“All the party MCAs have signed and are ready for the process. So whoever is saying that we have some hitches is wrong because on our side we are ready,” he continued.

It is reported that 33 ODM MCAs have pledged to support the party stand.

The governor has blamed his woes on the party but has vowed to fight his impeachment to the bitter end.

“They have condemned me unheard and subjected me to humiliation in complete disregard of the doctrine of being innocent until proven guilty. It is clear I am being targeted,” the governor told the Standard.

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The former teacher has questioned why “outsiders” are getting involved in county matters and pressuring the ward representatives to throw him out.

“The broad objective is not just to remove Obado. The plan is to dethrone the entire leadership of county government of Migori so that they can install their stooges and loot public funds. The people will not agree and it will not work,” he added.

Obado is facing graft charges in a Sh73.4 million case that involves his four children and proxies.


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