Kilimani Shooting: Obure, Ouko To Remain In Custody For 12 Days

Suspects in the murder of Kevin Omwenga; Chris Obure and Robert Ouko, will be held for 12 days pending investigations.

Kibera senior Principal magistrate Derrick Kuto in his ruling said: “The application has merit and I order the suspects be detained for 12 days for police to complete their investigations.”

In a miscellaneous application, the prosecution had on Monday sought to have the suspects held for 14 days in order for the police to complete investigations.

“The continued detention of the two suspects is necessary for the furtherance and finalizing of the investigation. Their release could lead to further interference with the ongoing investigations,” the application read.

In an affidavit, Investigating Officer Bashir Boya said that the two would interfere with witnesses and tamper with evidence if released.

“We are yet to take them for mental assessment and take the firearm used in the murder for ballistic examination. We also need time to retrieve CCTV footage from the scene,” Boya said.

The defence lawyers led by PLO Lumumba argued against holding their clients on grounds that police had collected evidence and had exhibits in their possession.

Police are still trying to piece together the cause of argument between the deceased and Ouko. Earlier reports indicated that the scuffle that led to the fatal shooting was over a fake gold deal gone sour.

But Ouko in his statement said the shooting was an accident.

Police recovered the alleged murder weapon from Obure’s office at Santeu Plaza.

The firearm is registered to Obure who has on several occasions been accused of misusing it.

The case will be mentioned on September 4.

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