ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna (left) and chairman John Mbadi at a past function. Sifuna says Ruto should resign and let Uhuru work in peace

ODM Accuses Media for Sensational Reporting, Says DP Should Resign if Not Happy with Uhuru Kenyatta

In a major twist that has taken people by surprise, ODM Party has pointed fingers at the media of going on a “sensational extravaganza with half-baked information” in relation to the Kemsa and Covid-19 investigations.

In a terse statement to the media, Secretary General Edwin Sifuna said that they have no doubt that the undertakings of KEMSA in regard to PPEs is above board.

The party further says that until a thorough audit is completed, the DCI should be left to complete their investigations.

“We gather that the DCI has been called into KEMSA to investigate these matters. We however wonder how this can be so, before a credible audit by the Auditor General is carried out to ascertain the veracity of these claims. Precedent has been set before, where the media goes on a sensationalist extravaganza, with half-baked information obtained from shadowy sources, ending up creating more problems than solutions.” Sifuna said.

The statement is a clear indication yet that ODM is steering away from accusing Uhuru’s government of corruption concerning the billions of shillings received from donors to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Sifuna argued that sensationalizing the KEMSA matter is ‘creating more problems than solutions’ and will destroy the country’s standing with the international community and donors.

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The party SG further noted that ODM ‘will therefore not join the condemnation bandwagon, but will keep probing and defending the right of Kenyans to get government services efficiently and at the right process.’

“We will keep raising any concerns we have with government operations, specifically Covid-19 related issues, through the proper channels, without unnecessary drama and hubris. We continue to fulfill our mandate as espoused in the ODM Manifesto, while remaining cognisant of our role as a unifying agent in Kenyan politics.” further said Sifuna.

On Deputy President William Ruto, Sifuna has accused the second in command for being an impediment to

DP Ruto walks with Endebess MP Rober Pukose and Mt. Elgon's Fred Kapondi at his Sugoi home yesterday
DP Ruto walks with Endebess MP Rober Pukose and Mt. Elgon’s Fred Kapondi at his Sugoi home yesterday. Image/Facebook

the fight against corruption and asked him to resign and allow Uhuru work in peace.

ODM says that by celebrating that his named was not mentioned in the NTV expose he was cheering wrongdoing in the government.

The Orange party has also accused the DP on engaging in early campaigns at a critical time the country was fighting covid-19 pandemic and corruption cartels.

“At a time when he should help the President crack the whip on corruption cartels within government, he holds campaigns at his residence while cheering wrong doing within government, in the mistaken belief that any perceived failures by H.E. the President will raise his (DP’s) dwindling profile.”

“We must ask the DP to either rise to the occasion and play the role of DP, or ship out and let the President work in peace.”



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