Officers at Immigration office Nairobi demanding ksh10,000 from a student scheduled for a Scholarship

Good morning Herald Kenya

My name is Stephen I have a short but long story story full of emotional distress.

I applied for my passport June 10 2020 after two weeks that of which would be the longest time for one to wait for his/her passport ready as directed interior minister Dr. Matiangi I am yet to receive mine.
The most stressing part is when you call the numbers provided by the ministry of Immigration yet they go through after several hours on line spending your credit, they put you through though not with good news, they’ll always tell you your passport is at the process in stage awaiting recommendation for printing, ( that has been the story ever since the second week after my application) so yesterday the 1st of October I decided to head to GPO( NYAYO HOUSE) I found I guy I can’t really remember his name but to extent of disbelief he told me ( sikukuja kukutafuta umejileta lipa 10k ama hurudi kwenye umetoka) it dawned on me how expensive it is to be a Kenyan citizen…! I had nothing I even wondered how that is exactly expensive than actually the passport itself ( demanding 10k for a passport worth 4500) I left the office heads down just praying to get my passport for my scholarship scheduled next year.

Kindly I know you can put that on your pages and help a lot like me suffering just for not knowing people

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