Ooliskia Wapi Kalenjins Aren’t Romantic? Meshack Kimutai Takes Helicopter Ride to Propose to Girlfriend

For a long time now, Kalenjin men have been considered tough and ‘less’ romantic when it comes to love affairs. The same has been attributed to strict adherence to Kalenjin customs and traditions impacted on them during circumcision rites.

However, the notion could be fast drifting away after Former Emgwen Parliamentary Aspirant Meshack Kimutai, on Tuesday, pulled a classic stunt after hiring a chopper for a ride to woo his girlfriend’s hand in marriage.

Kimutai, whose photos are currently trending on Facebook, Twitter, left many wowed and surprised, especially his tribemates after taking a chopper ride to propose to his girlfriend Carren Chepkirui.

Through pictures shared in his official social media sites, Kimutai surprised her soulmate after a long trip to Magadi using a Chopper owned by Exclusive air services.

Speaking to a local online publication, the flamboyant politician revealed that he and his lover Jerotich were out in Magadi when he decided to make his move.

According to Kimutai, they have been dating for over a year now and are set to exchange vows later in December 2020.

Kimutai has now joined the list of ‘romantic’ Kenyan men who have mobilized resources to flourish love and caught netizens by surprise.

Many took to their online pages to congratulate the new lovebirds, with many, especially from Kimutai’s backyard humorously reminding their counterparts that they can also be romantic.

Here are some reactions from Social Media Users;



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