Opinion: Why Luhya ladies make the best wives

The debate about which tribe makes the best husbands or wives occurs almost on daily basis in our lives, and most probably it will never come to an end.

A husband/wife material depends on so many factors, though we tend to round them off to the most common ones.

For wives, the major ones are cooking skills and loyalty to husbands among others. Among the tribes fronted to have the best wives is the Luhya community.

Today we explore some of the attributes that make Luhya women be regarded as the best wife materials in Kenya:-

  1. They are the good cooks. Luhya ladies indeed are the some of the best cooks in the country. This has no relation to the myth that Luhya men like eating. They know how to prepare most foods and you will rarely find dirt in their kitchen.
  2. Hardworking. Most luhya women likes doing farming and many other activities.Marry a Luhya lady and buy her apiece of land, she will transform it into millions, unlike other women who likes staying in the city. I have not said that other tribes are lazy, but most Luhya ladies are can work hard.
  3. Not extravagant. You will rarely find a Luhya Ladies living beyond their means. Once married, most prefer staying in the village than staying the city which is a bit costly. Most of them rarely put on makeups or use of expensive ornaments.
  4. They are loyal. Luhya Ladies value relationships so much in that they rarely cheat on their husbands. Even if the husband goes abroad for further studies she will just be patient and wait until he comes back. But when his husband starts cheating on her, she will definitely show you how she knows well that cheating game.
  5. They are beautiful. From pretty faces to arguably great figures, Luhya ladies are some of the most beautiful women in Kenya.
  6. They are ever clean. Luhya women like keeping their environments clean together with their houses. Their cleanliness makes many of them to make the best house helps.

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