Oppressed Wells Fargo Ltd Security Employees working Overtime without Pay

Hey the voice of the oppressed!

Kindly hide my identity.

I’m Saitoti (Name withheld) working with Wells Fargo LTD as a security guard. Brother the company is of late came up with a trend which for sure I don’t think is within the law.
The normal working hours as per the constitution is eight hours any time worked after this is counted as overtime.
We always work for twelve hours a day meaning four hours extra a day. If you happen not to report on duty for any reason be it emergency or you asked for some days off duty even if it is a day they will not pay you overtime for the whole week. For example if I fail to report on duty even if it is official let’s say on Monday then I should forget overtime for that week.
We always have leave rest annually and the company calendar do close on 22nd the day they close the payroll meaning the payroll will be closed while still on your leave. When you resume on 1st of the succeeding Month you you will not get any overtime though you will have to work for the remaining 22days.

We have families we are suffering 😢!

We hope this message gets to management of the company!

The sender is a wellsfargo employee

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