Oscar Sudi Appeals Against 7-Day Detention Order

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has appealed a decision to detain him for another 7 days at the Nakuru Central Police Station.

In a matter that has been certified as urgent, the legislator asked to be released on reasonable bail or bond.

“The applicant prays that pending hearing and determination of this application inter partes, the court be pleased to admit Mr Oscar Sudi to bail and or bond on such reasonable terms that the court may deem fit,” read the application.

Sudi in his supporting affidavit said he is ready to abide by bail terms set by the court.

Oscar Sudi Appeals Detention
Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi in Court on Wednesday. [Courtesy]
On Wednesday, prosecution filed a miscellaneous application in which they sought to have the fiery legislator held for 14 days pending investigations.

According to the state counsel, Sudi’s remarks were likely to disturb public order and peace.

“It was submitted that the respondent made certain utterances that the prosecution says amount to hate speech and which triggered demonstrations against Sudi and his release from custody at this moment disturb public order, peace and security,” prosecution said.

But Nakuru Chief Magistrate, Josephat Kalo declined to have Sudi held for 14 days. After the lapse of the 7 days, the legislator will either be presented in court or released, Kalo said.

“As for the period of the continued detention, the court has considered the circumstances of the case and is of the view that seven days will be sufficient to the prosecution to conclude investigations,” he said.

The matter will be heard tomorrow at 10 am.


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