Oscar Sudi Breaks Silence Days After Court Gagged Him from Addressing Political Rallies

With a court order gagging Kapseret Mp Oscar Sudi from addressing political rallies to comment on the current political events in the country, the firebrand lawmaker has been reduced to making subtle and often tacit social media posts.

On Friday, September 25, Sudi took to social media to criticize Raila Odinga for sanitizing the Kenyatta family after many years of the former Prime Minister telling his supporters that the first family are

The Kapseret lawmaker’s comments follow Raila’s decision to work with the president and other like-minded individuals in pushing for the passage of BBI reforms through a referendum.

Sudi reacts to BBI reports
Sudi at a Nakuru court on Wednesday, September 23, 2020. Image/Facebook

Sudi accused Raila of hypocrisy and speaking from both sides of his mouth when it comes to his political nemesis William Ruto, who is poised to be Odinga’s main challenger come 2022 presidential elections.

“You have always been telling us how Kenyatta family have been land grabbers and corrupt individuals. When did the tables turn until the family is now “weupe kama pamba”. When did the thieves change to be good people and when did William Ruto became a thief?” Sudi posed on his social media page.

He further accused the ODM chief for being tone deaf to the plight of Kenyans pushed to the wall by adverse economic conditions arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

The deputy president’s fierce ally asked Raila to go slow on BBI and address more pressing issues affecting Kenyans.

“Anyway at the moment we have more pressing issues than BBI, our people are hungry,our economy is on its knees, our children need to go to school yet many parents have no school fees. Can this BBI wait for sometime please?”

The Mp was commenting on Raila Odinga’s facebook post after addressing a National Executive Members meeting at a Machakos hotel.

During the Friday meeting, the ODM leader expressed optimism that his current friendship with Uhuru Kenyatta will pave way for Kenyans to pass BBI reforms through a referendum.

On Wednesday, a Nakuru court directed Sudi to desist from addressing any political rally, a matter that was not received well by the lawyers who said denying him address in rallies is tantamount to killing his career.

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