Kokwo Island is developing a huge crack

Panic in Lake Baringo as Kokwo Island Develops a Huge Crack

Residents of Lake Baringo are living in fear as famous Kokwo Island develops a huge crack.

The area residents say it might be signs of it splitting apart following continuous rains in the region that has caused widespread flooding.

This comes few days after a giant sinkhole developed in Ilngarua village of Ilchamus ward, gushing smoke and water which has never filled it up to today.

The geological phenomenon is giving residents sleepless nights with many requesting government to send scientists to unravel the mysteries.

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Now hundreds of panicked residents living near Lake Baringo in Ilchamus Ward are fleeing their homes.
The area around Lakes Baringo and Bogoria are within the seismically active Rift Valley currently experiencing active geological activities.

The past few weeks has seen fissures opening up even with the water levels rising steadily.
Some residents claim that earth tremors are felt at night, and are now worried that the area may sink and fill up with water.

Ilchamus residents mill around a giant sink hole
Giant sinkhole developed in Ilngarua village of Ilchamus ward, gushing smoke and water which has never filled it up to today. Image/Courtesy

The rising water levels have submerged homes, schools, health centres and disrupted road networks as well as electricity connections.

Hundreds of businesses have been closed down as the fast rising waters continue to displace people thousands of people.

But the occurrence of sink holes and cracks is giving the flooding a new dimension not witnessed before.

Authorities worry that the surrounding hills such as the Roko conservancy that protects endangered giraffes is at risk of total submersion, threatening other wild animals such as warthogs, impalas and ostriches.

Climate experts now say that the effects of global warming are the major cause.

Others argue that the continuous geothermal activities in the area are to blame for the cracks and submersion as waters to continue to rise.

Last week, authorities warned residents to move to higher grounds for safety purposes.

Baringo County DG on the impending tragedies as more people are displaced said: “It is a catastrophe. The swelling lakes have displaced over 15,000 families. They have cut road networks, disrupted power lines and flooded major irrigation schemes like Perkerra that often supply seeds, and submerged hotels and health centres. Climate change is real and we are feeling it,”

Among proposed solutions for the rising waters include the construction of water dykes and drilling drainage tunnels.



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