Paul Mwangi Reveals How Major Seii was Got Several Times Secretly Recording BBI Meetings

Just a day after Retired Major John Seii came out to publicly claim they were duped into signing the BBI report, reports have emerged on how the controversial BBI Taskforce member was caught on several occasions secretly recording proceedings.

Taking to his Twitter page on Friday, BBI joint Secretary Paul Mwangi dismissed Seii remarks saying he was not genuine and lying to the public.

Mwangi, who was also a member of the 14-member BBI task force, revealed how Seii was caught more than two times recording and taking pictures of BBI proceedings on the projector screens.

BBI joint Secretary Paul Mwangi. Photo/Courtesy

While wondering what was the ex-mayor’s intentions, Mwangi communicated that Seii, upon interrogation, claimed that he had bad eyesight hence the need to take photos and videos for a closer view.

“More than two times during BBI retreats, Major Seii was caught secretly photographing presentations on the projector screen. When asked he claimed he had bad eyesight and wanted to take a closer look. Members beseeched him to stop. Not surprised how its eventually playing out,” he said

On Thursday, while appearing before a local vernacular station, Seii claimed that they were forced into signing the final BBI Report by experts without reading through it.

The ex-soldier claimed that recommendations for positions such as that of the Prime Minister, the addition of more constituencies, and the influence of some independent institutions by the executive were not included in the report by the committee.

But in a quick response, Mwangi termed the issues raised by Seii as false adding that all the issues, including the Prime Minister’s position, were in the first report.

“PM is in first report. Saving 290 constituencies and instead adding the seats was in too. He doesn’t deny signing both reports. But says he, a senior military man, signed without reading. Like , really ?

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The joint-Secretary went ahead to reveal that ever since 2018, Seii had allegedly told the committee that he was under pressure. He claimed that Seii, on Several occasions, asked the secretariat for security.

“Even when we were signing he told everyone he is under pressure. Is Major Seii okay ?” Posed Mr. Mwangi.

This comes at a time Seii has been accused by many, especially the pro-handshake team of being ingenuine in his remarks. Many opined that Seii, who was allegedly proposed by Deputy President William Ruto to the committee, had been working as a secret mole to the DP behind the shadows.

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