Police Disrupt Khalwale’s Event to Honour His Dead Bull

Police in Kakamega on Saturday, October 17, dispersed villagers gathered in Malinya, Ikolomani Constituency for a bull fight organized by former Kakamega Senator Boniface Khalwale.

Khalwale had organized the bullfighting contest in Malinya in honour of his bull ‘Malinya Pogba’ which had died when police broke it up.

The bull, which the locals say was important to the bullfighting events in the area, had died of mysterious illness.

The former Senator buried the bull and then proceeded to Malinya grounds at around 2 p.m. for the ceremony.

To hour it, Khalwale brought his son’s bull called Sanchez for the match to symbolize the mock burial of his bull.

Kakamega bullfighting association official Bonventure Munanga revealed that the bull was revered and the contest was a way of giving it a befitting send off.

Boniface Khalwale’s bull Malinya Pogba. Photo/Courtesy

He noted that the gathering was a peaceful one and he failed to understand why the police showed up.

Munanga added that police arrived at the playground and lobbed teargas at the crowd.
He heaped praise on Khalwale saying that he had gone above and beyond to offer a good burial ceremony to the beloved bull within the bullfighting circles.

“Khalwale has done the unthinkable by burying his champion bull like an elder. We don’t understand why police came to disperse a peaceful gathering,” Munanga told the Daily Nation.

Kakamega South Commander Chesire said that the crowd had to be dispersed for contravening Ministry of Health guidelines on coronavirus.

“We cannot allow villages to violate rules meant to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Police will enforce the guidelines set by the government. It is for good of everyone,” stated Chesire.

He added that Khalwale is being sought to record a statement.

“We’re likely to prefer charges against him for contravening coronavirus regulations,” Chesire added.

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