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Obure Paid For Late Omwenga’s Apartment, High-End Cars- Court Told

New details about the late Kevin Omwenga’s lifestyle have now emerged as the police continues to investigate his murder.

According to the detectives investigating the murder, Omwenga’s high-end vehicles and the Galana Suite apartment in Kilimani where he lived were all paid by a company linked to businessman Chris Obure.

The police told the court that Global Jet International, a company associated Chris Obure, had sponsored Omwenga’s lifestyle a prove that Obure and the deceased knew each other even though he has denied it.

The court was further told that Obure is a team leader at Global Jet International and runs the company’s day to day decision-making at an office located at Senteu Plaza.

“Investigations and documentary evidence have shown that although Obure had denied having any business or a strong relationship with the deceased, there is strong evidence that Omwenga’s apartment and vehicles he claimed to own were fully paid for by Global Jet a company that Obure has leadership authority in,” the police said in an affidavit.

Sergeant Bashir Boya, who is the lead investigator also told the court that Obure and his bodyguard Robert Bodo Ouko, conspired in Omwenga’s murder.

The police urged the court to deny the two bail on grounds that they will interfere with witnesses, who are employees of Global Jet company.

The two suspects denied the murder charges as the court set bail hearing on Monday.

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