Sometimes, Netflix’s algorithm is wrong. Here are 15 canceled Netflix shows the world’s best streaming video platform should revive, including Daredevil, American Vandal and more.

By rescuing beloved shows like Arrested DevelopmentDesignated Survivor and The Last Kingdom, Netflix has gained a reputation as a platform of last resort. Whenever a modestly rated series with a dedicated fan base gets the ax, its watchers eagerly take to social to beg Netflix to get it a last-minute reprieve. And miraculously, that outpouring of grief sometimes works. Notably, the #SaveLucifer campaign netted the Fox supernatural drama a renewal after its unceremonious cancellation in May.

However, when Netflix cancels one of its original series, fans are left flat-footed. After the platform of last resort cancels a show, there’s no coming back. As the streamer is not only the distributor but the producer of much of its original content, the rights issues involved in reviving one of its programs is much more complicated.

As such, none of the dozens of Netflix Originals that have been prematurely ended has been brought back by a rival network or platform. That reality was driven home this year as Netflix canceled 15 shows, some of which had been previously touted as its most popular.

However, despite the platform’s cancellation spree, the reality is Netflix needs to continuously add to its streaming library to maintain a subscriber base. Also, it stands to reason that bringing back a moderately watched but much buzzed about a show for a surprise new season would bring in more viewers than an unknown property. For instance, though it wasn’t very good, The Cloverfield Paradox was seen by 5 million people the week of its release of the strength of branding and novelty alone.

So, in that spirit is a rundown of 15 canceled Netflix shows that deserve at least one more season.