By Ikev Ivooke

Jonestown is the informal name of a settlement in Guyana developed by cult leader Jim Jones. 918 people perished in that place, and most of these by suicide. They had a suicide pact.

Many cults get to the end game and to transition suicide or killing others is the way to go. While there is nothing in Owuorism that espouses suicide or anything like that, it should be noted that cults stay under the radar by hiding their extreme doctrines from the prying eyes of outsiders and authorities. Cult leaders may also with hold these completely until the very last moment. Releasing them too early may scuttle their plans, which oft times are made up and modified along the way.

We across this scholarly article on Owuorism and among the questions was on the subject of death:

25% of the sampled Owuorians believe death is a form of rapture!

Owuorism is quite heavy on rapture with Owuor begging his followers to do everything to avoid missing rapture because whatever happens after that is bad. Nobody should b alive to witness Owuor battling with the beast(s) and killing the serpent AFTER Rapture.

So an Owuorian would do anything to be Raptured and 25% of them believe death is a form of rapture. Owuorians number 200-300K locally meaning roughly 50K-75K believe this.

Owuor has lost his marbles no doubt but what would happen if he called for suicide? He has thousands of adherents who tremble at every word he utters and you can bet some would go ahead, especially given death is rapture. This would be the quickest way to get on the staircase.

Another likely scenario would be Owuor's sudden demise. Death of Owuor means rapture is already past according to Owuorism. The earth is engulfed by total darkness immediately after. Owuor's death is going to provoke a massive tsunami of mass hysteria and panic. Suicide under such circumstances would suddenly become very attractive.

Owuorians will loudly protest this hypothesis but one thing is certain; the amount of blind LOYALTY which Owuor demands and the huge towering role Owuor plays in his eschatology is a real cause for concern. Owuorians are inundated with countless Owuor-centric 'prophecies' day after day such that there really is no life without Owuor.

What we are saying is, if this research is truly a representative of Owuorians attitude towards death, then seeds of Jonestown are already down. Jim Jones managed a paltry 918. Owuor 's would be in the range of tens of thousands

Forget about Owuor's fickle and impotent curses, YHWH's curse would strike them like a sledgehammer because their paganism directed all their worship and faith from God to the fake Jew from Yimbo;

Jeremiah 17:5 (KJV)

Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.