On 29th of January, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) published a tender an expression of interest for provision of consultancy services on strategic communication, publicity, advocacy and integrated media campaign for the 2019 Kenya population and housing census (2019 kphc). Kenyan Herald can now authoritatively identify improprieties after the publication of this tender. Whereas Kenyans might always be on a look out on loss of public funds, corruption at tendering level has always been ignored or viewed with lesser contempt.

Kenyan Herald has been able to speak to sources who know well the dealings of this process and the sources have confirmed that On 12th February 2019 several (16 in number) companies had applied for the tender and expressed interest

. 1.         True Media Services

2.           E and Norton

3.           Avant Media

4.           Sasa Media Services

5.           East African Business Times Ltd

6.           Dharkemi Corporate Communications

7.           Art 4 Eyes

8.           Saracen Media Limited

9.           Trending Media Limited

10.         Access Leo Burnett

11.         Strategic Africa Limited

12.         Sleek Sourcing Limited

13.         Apex Communications Limited

14.         Media Edge Interactive Limited

15.         Dentsu Aegis Ltd

16.         IMG Kenya Ltd

Kenyan Herald has learnt that the results for this tender were NEVER announced instead a new RFP (Request for Proposals) for the same job was issued/ re-advertised on 9th April 2019. No explanation was given as to why the other bid was shelved. This is malicious and calls for the attention of EACC and DCI. Instances of top management of public bodies in Kenya engaging in tendering malpractice have been on the rise and KNBS is not an exception. The request for Proposals closing date was 25th of April 2019.

We have been able to obtain a confidential list of all companies that applied for this RPF. Below are the companies who participated in this RFP- Request for Proposals

1.           Artful Eyes Production

2.           Apex Porter Novelli (APN)

3.           Matrix Development Consultants

4.           Sleek Sourcing Ltd

5.           East African Business Times

6.           Sasa Media Services

7.           Media Edge Interactive

8.           IMG Kenya (Inter-Management Kenya)

9.           Fourafric/Forafric Kenya Ltd

10.         Saracen Media

11.         Dentsu Aegis

The opening of the financials has never happened, a serious procedural impropriety and corruption at a very high level. There has been no official communication to date since the 25th of April when the second tendering was opened. Kenyan Herald has establish that after the opening of the second bids, five companies were selected on completion of second submissions and financial evaluation that happened in Mombasa and Nairobi respectively.

The following companies were top five.

1.      Dentsu Aegies  80%

2.      Media Edge 72%

3.      East Africa Business Times

4.      Saracen 63%

5.       Apex Porter Novelli

The KNBS board sat on 24th May 2019, reviewed the results and selected Dentsu Aegies as the rightful winners of the ksh2billion Census bid.

This went south when allegedly a phone call was made from operatives at statehouse to KNBS and asked KNBS to award the tender (Illegally) to Apex.

On 27th May 2019, the tender decision was changed and awarded to Apex who had scored poorly and had come at a distant 5th position. NO EXPLANATION has been given since then.

Here is a chronology of events on how cartels led to KNBS awarding a ksh2billion tender to Apex Porter Novelli (APN) instead of the rightfully winner of the bid Dentsu Aegis.

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