Kandara Mp Alice Wahome has raised concerns about her life over the utterance she made to President Uhuru Kenyatta. Speaking during the issuance of bursary cheques to less fortune in her constituency on Wednesday, Wahome says she fears for her safety. 

The lawmaker who publicly supports TangaTanga team which is allied to Dp William Ruto reveals someone called her with ill intentions 

"A man called me last week and threatened to kill me. Some leaders allied to Kieleweke are after my life and, should my constituents fail to locate me, they should be interrogated over my whereabouts,” she said as quoted by the daily nation 

Furthermore, Wahome confirmed reports that some politicians did send her gang of young men to disrupt her paramount function in Kandara town. The goons were nabbed heading to the venue 

“They had sent goons to try and interrupt my event of issuing bursary cheques but our intelligence recognized them and we called police who arrested 22 of them. Let them know that I will not be cowed or intimidated by their evil schemes. Let them also know that I am guarded and we shall face each other,” she added