I would like to point out a scam going on at Moringa school.

Students pay 160,000 to become full satck devs or java devs coding 8hrs a day without any lecturers or 1 on 1 training.students are required to learn to become certified full devs.

the trainers available are non other than recent students some as young as 23. 

very few students get certified, the others are dropped and required to pay 20,000 to redo each single module.

considering these mzungus have avg. 80 students per class they are making a ton load of money and have minimal expenses since the 'trainers' (13 only).

Parents are cheated that tech companies and multinationals lineup to recruit after completion. LIES!!!!

It's wrong to drop students and scam parents with false advertising.

The tech community have praised the whites because of the money involved and they are paid to give guest speaker talks.

I am the few who made it but the rate of depression among the students is alarming all for 160k for a 15 week program.

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