By concerned Citizen

Alicia Nimoh.

Letter to Charity Kathambi

There is a serious concern about the 2% sports money amounting to Kshs.1,109,901.40 set aside as provided in the constitution for NG-CDF.

Mr Ogari, the soccer sports chairman from Njoro Ward and his executive committee approached the CDF office together with the other wards reps from Lare,Kihingo,Mau-Narok and Mauche and presented their request on the issue of sports. In the meeting it was agreed that all the wards to go organize teams from their respective wards with the aim of benefiting from the kitty. (They were to organize themselves for easier disbursement of the 2% sports money which caters for awards of uniforms, nets,boots,balls and trophies for the best teams.)

A sub-committee was formed which was to work with the elected officials with the wards representative so as to form a PMC. Njoro soccer clubs seconded their chairman Mr Ogari(D22) to represent them in the PMC.

Surprisingly the office of the Mp,through PA, Mr. Njehia and Daniel Kimani Gitau contacted one Sheila Kurgat, to organize a group of around 4-10 youths and do a kind of a meeting with minutes and the propose her as the representative of the group and vote her as the sports chairperson in Njoro ward. Daniel Kimani Gitau also called the current chairman D22 to confirm his age as a basis of disqualifying him to chair the sports.

That being not enough, the Mp Charity Kathambi called one of the players for Cheseton and told him "hataki huyu mkisii (D22) kusimamia mambo ya sports njoro kwa sababu he's exposing a lot kwa njoro agenda" The Mp cautioned both the player and Sheila not to disclose to anybody about what they are planning. Dan coached the lady on how she was to hold the meeting and convinced the said youths.The PA,one Mr Njehia called Sheila and indicated that it was urgent for her to avail her self at Tengecha grounds for the election and he was to send her cash for to ease the transportation of the said youths.

As I write these,am unhappy and ready to fight for what belongs to the youths.I have enough evidence including audios for the communications.

It's very unfortunate to see IDP's in Njoro Sub-County due the long overdue land disputes. Recently, we witnessed inter clan clashes which left several dead,houses torched,animals stolen and hundreds of residents displaced.

There was an urgent need to solve the dispute to ensure peace was restored. Hon.Kathambi led the peace talks which saw the two warring communities come together.

The National Government through the office of the Mp donated Kshs.800,000 to buy blankets, iron sheets,foodstuffs among other items for the residents whose houses were torched. The items were delivered on Sunday,23 2018 where the Mp was accompanied by Nakuru Senator Hon. Susan Kihika.

Surprisingly,the donations were delivered to the wrong people! Yes the former campaigners of Charity whose houses were not torched leaving out the real victims some whom are from Sigotik Location.On average they received goods worth Kshs.200,000 with the Mp pocketing some money to the tune of Kshs.600,000

The worst and most shocking, MP's staffs,one Jones Mutai and Dominic Langat,have stolen some of the iron sheets and blankets.

In Mau Ward, there were other victims but since they are Ongieks they never bothered the Mp since she has been sidelining them and supporting one of her own,the Kipsigs.Some residents from Mau tried to ask for help from the MP's office, but fell on deaf ears.

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