Hi Mutai,

I would like to bring to your attention an issue that has really frustrated me and that I think a vast majority of Kenyans are suffering under.

It is about Metropol Credit Bureau. I was listed with them for some defaulted loans including HELB. I paid all the loans and started repaying my HELB loan. I was in the clear by early March. Over the months, I have been purchasing credit reports at Ksh 250 from them every month.

To my frustration, I am still listed as a defaulter. For instance, even after taking mobile loans that have since been reported with them as good loans, my score remains 432 as it was in June. This means I cannot access credit since I would need above 500.

Now, I did clear my loans in March, I have not defaulted on any other loan, if anything, I have taken more than 10 mobile loans and repaid. Isn't this a deliberate way to continue making money out of frustrated Kenyans by selling them credit reports without reviewing their ratings? What formula do they use?

This is a criminal enterprise that should be told off! 

I bring this to you because I know you are well versed with good governance. This kind of exploitation and frustrating people's lives is unacceptable and unbearable. We have families. Please help.

Write to us. We will help you speak to power and seek justice for you. Email us at 4kiplangat@gmail or Kenyanherald@gmail.com or whatsapp us on 07062559771