A Well known journalist, Gordon Opiyo, has lashed out to those managing President Uhuru's social media terming them \'As clueless as Eskimos\'.

Gordon Opiyo who owns Health TV, a Television dedicated to health matters, went on a facebook rampage questioning the capabilities of the newly appointed team led by Kanze Dena. Opiyo pointed out that the President is being roasted on social media and Kanze's team is clueless on how to deflect the pressure.

\'Truth be told, Itumbi, for all his faults, worked tirelessly to defend the presidency. He was the Omunyambi. He took the flak, he absorbed the insults, he carried files...many of them fake...to TV studios. He did a great job in deflecting anger from the presidency.

But he and fellow Directors were kicked out. And replaced by people that have absolutely no idea about anything communication. They have absolutely no idea on how to fight the wars in Social Media.

Results? Itumbi has kept off his Systems Ya Facts His Replacements are as clueless as Eskimos in Sahara Desert. Impact? President Uhuru is totally being bashed on Social Media. The king is totally naked. Clearly, Uhuru's post Handshake Team is totally incompetent. 

Uhuru should simply swallow his pride and bring back Itumbi and Co to handle his communication.

He should also bring back William Ruto back into the inner circle.

Hii maneno ya \'My Brother Raila bla bla bla\' is making the President look real bad.

At least with Ruto around him, he had someone strong, that could tell him when he was wrong. But right now, he appears to have guys that cannot dare tell him that amekosa njia.

True friends tell you the truth, even if it hurts.\' Opiyo laments on his facebook page.