Reports reaching our #PastorPreneurs desk have confirmed that the self-declared Prophet Dr David Owuor is currently building a ksh230 million mansion in Runda. Pictures have emerged of the ongoing construction of the mansion that the Owuor faithfuls have been raising money to finish its construction. The mansion is located along Ruaka Road right after UN Avenue/Ruaka Road Junction.

In a leaked conversation between the bishops and pastors of the church, they are being told to encourage their congregants to contribute ksh441 and ksh882 (Remember the panda mbegu of ksh330 by Nairobi pastors?) towards the completion of the ‘project’. They even have a ‘development account’ to use in contributions.

In another leaked message to all pastors in all branches, they are being encouraged to ask followers to each contribute ksh1000 for the completion of the project.

Dr Owuor’s church has been consistent in telling their congregants not to value earthly wealth including property, money and any other possessions that might make difficult their ‘entering the kingdom of God’ during rupture. This has made many of the followers of Owuor selling their properties and donating to Prophet Owuor in the pretext of ‘supporting’ the works of the LORD and that since rupture is around the corner, they may not need the possessions anyway. Prophet Owuor though has gone on to be the richest preacher in Kenya after amassing all this wealth from his congregants.

The revelation of the ksh230million mansion in Runda comes as a shock to most of Owuor’s critics who believe that Owuor has brainwashed most of his followers who now treat him as a god. His followers are under strict orders never to refer to Owuor without using the terms: THE MIGHTIEST MOST DREADED SERVANT OF THE LORD. Owuor followers are as well under strict orders not to refer to Owuor in writing as ‘he’ but ALWAYS as ‘HE’. Note the use of capital letters that mostly is reserved for God in the old testament. According to Owuor doctrines, they can't build permanent churches because Jesus is coming or Rupture is around the corner but they don't mind building this mansion for Prophet Owuor who is exceedingly living in opulence associated with prosperity pastors in Nairobi, whom he, Dr Owuor, condemned for soliciting money from their congregants. Dr Owuor has made his followers believe that he (Dr Owuor) is a Jew and a blood relative of Jesus who will soon move to Israel after Rupture.

According to reliable information, the Plot cost 112M, the Roofing alone cost 50M. The had spent about 67M in construction by June this year. They have been holding repentance sessions over the delayed completion of the project.

Photos of the mansion

Dr Owuor is also referred to as THE TWO PROPHETS because the spirits of Biblical Moses and Elijah all reside inside him. The congregants of Owuor believe that the spirits of Elijah and Moses descendened from Heaven and resided in Owuor. Prophet OWUOR administration started circulating doctored pictures to hoodwink believers that cameras indeed captured Owuor in a doubled image (see separate story). The bloggers who debunked this myth by showing how doctor OWUOR doctored the images are now facing a lawsuit in Nairobi for allegedly 'Annoying' the prophet of the LORD

It is quite ironical that for the man who is also called the TWO CHERUBIM that guard the tree of life in heaven lives under 24/7 armed police security as he is paranoid and perpetually afraid of death. Dr Owuor now joins the long list of liars who have managed to hoodwink the poor to amass great amounts of wealth by selling hope and intimidation.

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